Collaborative Change Leadership Approach

Novitas strategists will drive REIMAGINE via a Collaborative Change Leadership Approach

People experience change, not technology. How they react and respond to these changes will determine success.

Partnering with Novitas will deliver that success.

Novitas work closely with you to understand the nature of the change, the scale of the business impact, the capabilities and behaviours that will drive adoption success & develop a right-fit change leadership and continuous learning approach that will empower your workforce.

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Change Leadership Approach

Communications & Stakeholder Engagement

Communication and stakeholder information captured and validated; Comms and stakeholder engagement planning; Execution the comms plan and stakeholder engagement; Go-live, hypercare and close-out.

Business Engagement

Business engagement info captured and validated; Defining business engagement approach; Implementation of business engagement; Execution of business engagement

Business Readiness

Business readiness info captured and validated; Capturing change impacts and defining action plans; Managing the change impacts; Business readiness close out

Organisational Readiness

Organisation information captured and validated; Future organisation and impacts assessed and modelled; Future state communicated and agreed; Future state implementation

Training & Capability Enhancement

Training strategy and plan developed; Training curriculum and content developed; Training needs and capabilities assessed; Training scheduled and delivered

Value Management

Benefits information captured and validated; Driving value management ownership; Managing value realisation; Final evaluation and sustainability